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We believe in making technology work, in making it profitable. It’s our job to make analytics make sense. And it’s our belief that it doesn’t work unless it works for you.

The Search ROI Lifecycle

Professional Collaboration
Proven Optimized
Custom Analytics
and Reporting
Custom Analytics
Professional Collaboration
We offer comprehensive campaign management, from strategy formation, to execution, to ongoing maintenance and optimization. It’s our policy to keep you in the loop, starting with establishing your goals and expectations.

  • Establish Partner KPIs and Performance Expectations We strongly believe that without a clear and articulated understanding of what you’d like us to achieve, we will never meet your expectations. Your satisfaction is as important as your success, so that’s where we begin.
  • Establish a Comprehensive Campaign Strategy Once we have identified your goals, we target our best efforts toward getting the results that matter to you. While other companies may focus on lowering your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), we prefer to focus on raising your Return On Investment (ROI). A high ROI means a higher profit margin, which translates to money well spent. That’s a higher yield for the same budget, regardless of the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).
    • We can also track trends revealed through new search terms, or adjust your campaign for competition, which can change the bidding landscape.
    • Because our analytics engine is fully customizable, it’s the ideal tool for testing new ad copies, page designs, or other marketing variants. This way, you can gauge the success of new marketing as it evolves.
Proven Optimized Results
Search ROI started out in the financial services industry, where we saw immediate and enduring success for ourselves and our partners. One of our partners reached a 71% increase in their campaign’s ROI in just 2 weeks. As they have continued to partner with us, their profitability has continued to climb. Over time, they’ve been able to expand their market and triple their campaign budget.
Search ROI - CPC Chart Analysis

Search ROI has been delivering superior quality managing our Pay Per Click Google Adwords campaign. Since inception of our partnership Search ROI has exceeded expectations by driving costs down and maximizing ROI.

The quality of Search ROI’s optimization methods are comprehensive and state of the art and include the following: meeting weekly/monthly budgets, constant transparency, real time reporting and superior optimization. Search ROI proprietary optimization software has continually proven to exceed expectations as compared to any market product available.

We hope that you experience the same level of satisfaction enjoyed by us during our partnership with Search ROI.

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Custom Analytics and Reporting Engine
Search ROI’s Proprietary Campaign Analytics Engine: Follow the Money
Unlike other reporting technology, Search ROI’s exclusive optimization tool offers fully customizable reports. That allows us to connect all the usual search marketing data – clicks, location, browser, device – with the most important criteria: backend spending. Because it’s not just who sees your product – it’s who buys it.

  • Custom Analytics Reporting You specify the criteria, and we can track it. Whatever you want to know, we will customize our engine to report. Plus, our analytics engine updates in real-time, so the results are at our fingertips, literally minute to minute.
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting How does your current performance compare to this time last week, last month, or last year? What changes have we made to improve your campaign? Our transparent and ROI focused reports help our partners understand their campaign’s performance, so that you can make confident business decisions, as well as ensure that we’re on the right track toward meeting and exceeding your expectations

This takes all the guesswork out of profitability. Now we can track which clicks resulted in sales. From there, we can tailor your campaign for optimal profitability. It’s all thanks to the more inclusive, more meaningful analysis that you receive only through our unique proprietary software.
We offer our partners the best that technology can provide. Through our proprietary campaign analytics engine, we make every detail count. The longer that you’re with us, the more data we can gather for you. The more data, the smarter your campaign.

We can specify bids that vary on location, or by time of day. We can even identify new keywords to bid on. By linking your data to spending, we can reveal your real avenues to profit, and optimize your campaign accordingly.

Because the market changes so frequently, you’ll want someone working for you every day. With Search ROI, you will receive a dedicated account manager to keep your campaign running at peak profitability.