Search Engine Optimization
Maximize the impact of unpaid advertising through organic searches. There’s a key to attaining high placement on search engine results pages, and it involves more than just keywords. Search engines use increasingly more complicated algorithms to evaluate a site’s content and authority. The goal here is to make sure that users find what they’re searching for, and that the results they get are genuine and authoritative.

Search engine algorithms have to be ever-changing to preserve the integrity of the searches. Each new search engine update aims to keep the results pages authentic, and not stuffed with bogus sites that hack the algorithm but have little to do with the searched terms. When black hat SEO companies exploit the algorithms to produce false search results, they only encourage search engines to develop newer, more complex algorithms to weed them out.

Ultimately, the only way to get consistently high placement is to have genuine, authoritative content. That’s the one constant in these ever-changing algorithms – sites with real content and authority get consistently higher placement, higher visibility, and more new viewers. Our white hat techniques show you how to create a website with authority and longevity, so that you can reach and sustain the high conversions you’re looking for.

We have worked in numerous fields within this landscape, and we have seen what converts to sales and what doesn’t. Our experience has given us a thorough and systematic understanding of high-converting websites. For us, effective marketing is a science. We know how it works.

We can help you learn to generate:

  • Product reviews and comparisons
  • Buyer’s guides for selecting products
  • Identifying your product’s unique benefits
  • Opinion pieces and commentary
  • News and updates relevant to your product
  • Tips and videos that enhance the user experience

We can also advise you on:

  • Ongoing keyword identification – and matching these keywords with authentic content
  • Accessibility and user flow
  • Leveraging social media impact through link value
  • Other unpublished criteria

Let us teach you how it’s done.

Branding is not about getting your target market to choose your product over the competition. It’s about getting prospects to see yours as the only product that meets their needs.

The best thing that can happen for a brand is people calling a product by that brand’s name, disregarding all other brands without even realizing it. Think of Kleenex or Google. You won’t hear “pass the tissue” as often as you hear, “pass me a Kleenex”, and you won’t hear, “do a search for that” as often as you hear “Google it”. Those companies have what their competitors would call enviable brand recognition, the kind of recognition that doesn’t happen on accident.

To build that kind of weight and momentum for your brand, you have to start by creating and developing your brand – which is more than just creating your product. Your brand embodies your company and represents you. It expresses your personality. If you don’t have a brand, there’s no point in putting your product out there, because there’s no personality to stand behind it.

Search ROI can advise you on:

  • Clarifying your brand
  • Identifying your audience
  • Clearly communicating your brand’s message
  • Making an emotional connection with your target audience
  • Motivating your buyer
  • Solidifying user loyalty
  • Gaining new customers through PPC and organic search marketing

Tell us what you want for your brand.