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Because Search Engine Marketing is More Than Just a Numbers Game
For decades, there’s been an overarching belief in advertising that the more people you show your product to, the more sales you could get. And if you’re lucky, you end up showing your product to the right people, and your marketing converts into sales.

But when it’s your marketing investment, you want something more predictable than just luck. You want repeatable, actionable results.

Search ROI takes the guesswork out of SEM. With the help of our proprietary campaign analytics engine, and a team of experienced professionals, we turn SEM into a science.

Our Methodology

Partner Input
Team of Experienced Professionals
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Partner Input
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Proven Results
Partner Input
Our Clients Are Our Partners
At Search ROI, we treat our clients like partners, because that’s who you are. We know that our success depends on your success. So the more we can grow your business, the more our business can grow. We’re in this together. As your partner, we want to make the most of your marketing budget. Our goal is to help you reach your highest possible Return on Investment (ROI). But how can we do this? We give our Team of Experienced Professionals access to our Custom Analytics and Reporting Engine, and watch the results that follow.
Team of Experienced Professionals
Our team has over 30 years of combined experience, so we know SEM, and we know that there are really just 2 ways to do it. There’s the way most people do it, and then there’s the smart way.

How Most People do SEM: A Shotgun Splatter
Just bid on a bunch of keywords, and hope some of them hit the mark. Bid on what you know – and you’ll miss out on everything you don’t think of. Or bid on everything Google recommends – and waste a lot of money on keywords that don’t convert to sales. You’ll spend money on leads that don’t pan out, while quality leads pass you by. With this approach, your conversion rate is sure to suffer. Then you’ll have to track your spending and revenue at the campaign level. For most people, that’s the only available option. The top software on the market doesn’t track spending by keyword. In fact, it doesn’t track spending at all. So if you want to know how much money you made off the campaign, you have to look at your overall campaign spend and figure out what the profit/loss is. Maybe you made money. But was it a smart campaign? Nobody knows.

How Smarter People do SEM: A Finely Calibrated Engine
Track your spending and revenue at a keyword level. At this level, you can identify not just whether a keyword makes money, but how much money. You don’t have to turn off less profitable keywords – you can just adjust your bid for a better profit margin. By making the right series of adjustments, we could tweak your campaign to function at maximum efficiency. We give you the tools to make the smartest decision on every keyword. Every single word has the potential to make you money! Nobody can deliver that like Search ROI.

Custom Analytics and Reporting Engine
Search ROI’s comprehensive PPC management offers benefits available only through our proprietary campaign analytics engine. Because we designed it ourselves, our technology is fully customizable. That gives us the flexibility to track and report all the relevant information – including sales – at a keyword level. In the hands of our experienced and dedicated team, these analytics become the guidebook by which we optimize your campaign’s profitability.
Search ROI - Bid Average

  • Searched Term Analytics We don’t believe in a shotgun approach to SEM. Rather than choosing a random group of keywords to fuel your campaign, we track your sales back to the most profitable original keywords. That way you can strategically invest in the right search avenues.
    • By tracking conversions at a keyword level, we identify the correct bids for actual typed keywords – without averaging. This way, you don’t have to pay more for keywords with lower conversion rates. Smarter spending means you attain a higher overall ROI.
    • We bid higher on more profitable keywords, to deliver you more volume of a higher quality. By focusing on keywords with proven conversion, you make every dollar count. With higher bids, you can secure more of those high quality leads.
    • We can identify new keywords to bid on (and to block). Our proprietary campaign analytics engine reveals what people actually typed to find your site, which can extend the keyword list to include more than just the words we might have expected. It keeps us from having to make blind guesses about how people will look for your product.
    • We track spending and revenue by keyword. At this level, we identify not just whether a keyword makes money, but how much money. Then we adjust your bids accordingly, so that every keyword becomes profitable.
  • Campaign Profile Analytics It’s important to remember that the keyword search is not the end of the line. So while it seems like it doesn’t matter who searches your keyword, it matters more than you might think. Knowing your target demographic can help make sure that you’re tailoring your landing page to the right audience. It can also help if you advertise on social media, where the main targeting options are all demographically based. So knowing your demographic is another key to PPC success.
    • Through our proprietary technology, we can identify the probability of conversion based on geographical location, time of day, or day of week. This information lets us adjust your campaign for seasonality by delineating peak vs. off-peak time or location
Proven Optimized Results
Search ROI started out in the financial services industry, where we saw immediate and enduring success for ourselves and our partners. One of our partners reached a 71% increase in their campaign’s ROI in just 2 weeks. As they have continued to partner with us, their profitability has continued to climb. Over time, they’ve been able to expand their market and triple their campaign budget.
Search ROI - CPC Chart Analysis

Search ROI has been delivering superior quality managing our Pay Per Click Google Adwords campaign. Since inception of our partnership Search ROI has exceeded expectations by driving costs down and maximizing ROI.

The quality of Search ROI’s optimization methods are comprehensive and state of the art and include the following: meeting weekly/monthly budgets, constant transparency, real time reporting and superior optimization. Search ROI proprietary optimization software has continually proven to exceed expectations as compared to any market product available.

We hope that you experience the same level of satisfaction enjoyed by us during our partnership with Search ROI.

Jim Carnes
Ez Corp