Why Choose Us?

Search ROI is built on experience, technology, and innovation. Using our proprietary campaign analytics engine, combined with strategic insights gained through experience, we have made PPC advertising less expensive and more streamlined to produce the highest quality leads, regardless of your industry. With branches in Kansas City and San Francisco, our dedicated, highly energetic team is ready to serve you, wherever you call home.

Search ROI has been a leader in Search Engine Marketing since 2010. The Search ROI Innovation Team has over 30 years of combined experience in SEM campaign management. Our team continues to thrive under the leadership of our cofounder, who boasts more than a decade of experience in online marketing.

Search ROI started out in the financial services industry, where we saw immediate and enduring success for ourselves and our partners. As we’ve grown, we found that our method of optimization can work anywhere, in any industry. So we branched out. We now manage multi-national campaigns with companies based in 3 continents, and spanning over a dozen different industries.

SearchROI - Operations

Through our proprietary campaign analytics engine, the Search Marketing innovation team provides custom reporting not available from any other company. Because we designed the engine, we are able to specify the criteria. With complete customization, we can help you track exactly the information you need to make the smartest decisions for your campaign.

We have the technology to help you track clicks, location, browser, device, and other criteria that reveal your most interested market. But we recognize that you need a way to separate your clients from window shoppers. The key to revealing that distinction is our proprietary campaign analytics engine.

Here’s how our technology supersedes the industry standard: it’s fully customizable. That means we can gather all the usual data, and factor in the most revealing component: backend spending. Like we’ve said before, it’s not just who sees your product, it’s who buys it.

Search ROI - MR8 Analysis

When we combine this unique data with our team’s experienced insights, we’re able to make the smartest decisions for you and your company. Our success is directly related to the value we add to your business, so you are more than our client. You’re our partner. As our partner, we want to see your company reach its highest ROI to date.

Service and Transparency
We’re working with you every step of the way, making sure your performance and analytics needs are met. You’re a partner in our process, and we treat you as such.

  • Dedicated Account Manager The online landscape is constantly changing, and you need someone working on your behalf every day. As our partner, you will have a dedicated account manager who continually monitors your campaign, ensuring that you get consistent and quality results throughout.
  • Custom Analytics Reporting With Search ROI, you can get fully customizable reports of exactly what matters to you, with updates in real-time. Getting all the right information shouldn’t be a variable, it should be a given. Imagine how much more informed your decisions would be if you weren’t limited by your software.
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting How does your current performance compare to this time last week, last month, or last year? What changes have we made to improve your campaign? Our transparent and ROI focused reports help our partners understand their campaign’s performance, so that you can make confident business decisions, as well as ensure that we’re on the right track toward meeting and exceeding your expectations.